At Happyfeet we believe everybody should have the opportunity to dance and as such part of our philosophy is to make our dance classes as affordable and as accessible as possible.


WE WILL NOT make you pay a term fee HOWEVER we will give you a 10% DISCOUNT should you wish to pay for the full term upfront.


We charge an annual Registration fee this is $20 for the first child and $15 for the second child in one family, any additional children will not be charged a registration fee.


The cost of our Tiny's dance classes is $15



Our Ladies Classes are $10 for one class $15 For two classes and if you do all three classes on Thursday or Friday the third class is on us.


ALL our 30 minute Classes are charged as follows per day


1 Class     =  $12

2 Classes = $18

3 Classes = $25

4 Classes = $30

5 Classes = $35


We also apply a 10% Discount for family's with more than 1 student.


For more information about our "CMI" and "Step Up" invitation classes please see Lyn on the desk