We Love to perform

Our CMI Students of all ages and levels get to shine on stage.



Does your dancer love to perform? Have they always dreamed of being on stage? Do they put on shows in your lounge room? Here’s your chance to make their wish come true!


We love getting to watch our students perform and believe it is the best way to grow as dancers and performers. We see a marked improvement in students that participate in live performances, in dance ability and self confidence..



Twice per year, our CMI students perform in their Happy Feet Dance Concerts. We hold two concerts in December, and two concerts in June. That means they get to enjoy the thrill of Concert Time four times per year!  These concerts are professionally directed in a professional venue, allowing them to shine and share their talents in front of family and friends. It is a great showcase for the results of all their hard work, progress and dedication.


There are also many opportunities to perform throughout the year at events and venues such as Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Carols by Candlelight, shopping centres and malls and other markets, fetes and council and community events. We are committed to providing more and more opportunities to dance in shows in and around the Gold Coast.




CMI is our Count Me In Club. This is a great way to advance young dancers’ skills and talents in a variety of disciplines. Our CMI students have access to all our week day classes at all areas. Also, they have access to our Super Saturday program that incorporates dedicated tuition in all aspect of dancing. Classes include stretch and technique, ballet, acrobatics, cabaret, jazz and musical theatre. There is a strong focus on performance and stage presence.


Alongside the obvious improvements in performance and technique, our Super Saturday program is a very rewarding and enjoyable experience that allows dancers to develop teamwork, life skills and lasting friendships. CMI Super Saturday is vibrant, energetic, enthusiastic and FUN!


The CMI group is for dedicated young dancers that can commit to the term and see it through to concert night. We ask them to make this commitment as it is necessary for the successful completion of their dance routines for themselves and the others in their cast. This commitment is valuable in building team spirit, friendships and the sense of completion gained from seeing a group project through to a successful end.


CMI does incur a term fee which can be paid off weekly.  A parent/guardian must give notice in writing when withdrawing from CMI. Our cancellation policy is one months notice.